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Roadmap 2016
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Metaverse Roadmap
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Roadmap Definition
A roadmap is the outcome of a collaborative foresight process that considers a broad set of factors and strategies important to reaching a future goal.

Roadmaps can include vision statements, forecasts, scenarios, strategy and plans, but go beyond such tools in three ways:

1. They emerge in a collaboration network of multidisciplinary and competing experts,
2. They emphasize uncertainties and challenges as much as probable and preferred futures, and
3. They have long-term time horizons (five to fifteen years is common) by comparison to
traditional forecasts and plans.

ASF is developing a roadmapping competency in industries and technologies that are experiencing rapidly accelerating rates of improvement, have potential for great social and economic impact, and are understudied relative to their potential. The metaverse, the emerging 3D-enabled web of social spaces, economies, and technologies, is a prime candidate for collaborative foresight activity.

The metaverse roadmap is designed to be periodically updated and critiqued by a diverse community of leaders and experts at Metaverse Roadmap Summits, in a Wisdom of Crowds model. ASF also conducts workshops at select technology, business, and social foresight conferences to solicit input beyond the Summits.

In areas where future uncertainties exist, we seek clarifying data for the map. When controversies persist in the face of best available data, we seek to represent competing Schools of Thought. We also seek to identify data and outcomes that would resolve current uncertainties and controversies in the future. Some enabling and inhibiting factors relevant to healthy metaverse development include:

Science and Technology
3D collaboration and management tools, groupware, product lifecycle management
3D design and animation tools, CAD, avatars
3D manufacturing, CAM, fabrication
3D operating systems and application spaces
3G and 4G networks, internet 2
Artificial life, evolutionary computing
Conversational interface, NLP, voice rec, translation, text-to-speech
Databases, semantic web, data mining
Display devices, HD, OLED
Geospatial web, GIS, augmented reality
Industrial and process automation, robotics
IP television, VOD, PVRs, home media centers, video game consoles
Interoperability, standards
Open source, P2P
Molecular modeling, drug design
Security, secure digital identity, micropayments
Semiconductors, memory
Sensor networks, transparency, RFID, EPC
Synthetic worlds, video games, MMOGs
Virtual reality, haptics
VoIP telephony, video conferencing
Wearable, Wireless
Economic and Social
Accounting (financial and cost), finance (public, private, micro)
Adoption curves, commoditization thresholds
Business automation, supply chain mgmt, ERP, SFA,CRM, e-Commerce
Demographics, immigration
Developmental convergences (positive and negative)
DRM and patent law
Economic forecasts and indicators
Failure scenarios, risk management
Game design and culture
Government regulation, taxation, subsidy, policy
Globalization, outsourcing, insourcing, HR strategy
IPTV and telecommunications regulation
Learning/experience curves, market growth curves
Management strategy, business models
Marketing (personalized and mass), advertisinganalytics, SEO
Organizational learning and innovation
Polling, group democracy
Social networks, reputation systems, online community
Social preferences, culture, fashion
Tech support networks, education
Tipping, inflection, and saturation points
User created content, profiles, metatagging,collaboration strategy
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