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Roadmap 2016
A Project of: Accelerating Studies Foundation
Inaugural MVR Summit

Participants met at the world-famous futures think tank, SRI International, in May 2006 to begin production of the map. See Summit Objectives and Daniel Terdiman's post-Summit CNET article for more on the gathering. We are now in the process of writing up the output from this excellent event. Thanks to all our distinguished participants for donating their time and knowledge to the 2006 Summit.

Are you an industry professional, technologist, academic, analyst, or member of the public who would like to share your thoughts on the future of the 3D Web? See Public Participation for ways to get your insights into the map.

Questions? Please contact the Summit Organizers.

Bridget C. Agabra
Project Manager, Metaverse Roadmap Project
Janna Anderson
Dir. of Pew Internetís Imagining the Internet
Asst. Prof. of Communications, Elon University
Corey Bridges
Co-founder, Executive Producer and Marketing Director, Multiverse
Jamais Cascio
Founder, Open The Future
Giff Constable
VP of Business Development, Electric Sheep Company
Esther Dyson
Editor, Release 1.0 and Editor at Large,
CNET Networks
Guy Garnett
Director, Cultural Computing Program,
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
John Hanke
General Manager, Google Earth
Will Harvey
Founder and CEO, IMVU
Joaquin Keller
Lead Designer, Solipsis; Senior Researcher,
France Telecom R&D
Julian Lombardi
Architect, Open Croquet; Assistant VP for Academic Services and Tech Support, Duke University
Richard Marks
Creator of the EyeToy camera interface;
Director of Special Projects, Sony CEA R&D
Luigi Mercone
Senior Director, Symantec
Bob Moore
Sociologist, Palo Alto Research Center (PARC),
Beth Noveck
Associate Professor of Law, New York Law School; Founder, State of Play conference
David Smith
Architect, Open Croquet; CTO, 3DSolve
Robert Scoble
Technical Evangelist, Microsoft
Max Skibinsky
Founder and CEO,
John Smart
President, Acceleration Studies Foundation
John Swords
Host, SecondCast
Daniel Terdiman
Writer, CNET
Barry Tolnas
Web Development, American Cancer Society
Phillip Torrone
Associate Editor, Make Magazine
Malcolm Williamson
Geospatial and Visualization Researcher, CAST, University of Arkansas
Tod Antilla
  Flash Developer, American Cancer Society
Jeremy Bailenson Ph.D.
Director, Virtual Human Interaction Lab
Stanford University
Betsy Book
Director of Product Management, Makena Technologies/There; Editor, Virtual Worlds Review
Alvis Brigis
Producer, Writer
Edward Castronova (audiconference)
Author, Synthetic Worlds, 2005; Director of Grad Studies, U. of Indiana; Founder, Arden Institute
Helen Cheng
Assistant Product Manager, Seriosity
F. Randall (Randy) Farmer
Community Strategic Analyst,
Yahoo!, Inc.
Eric Gruber
Freelance Producer, MTV Networks
Jochen Hummel
CEO Metaversum
Joi Ito
Blogger; CEO and Founder, Neoteny;
Board Member, ICANN
Daniel James
CEO, Three Rings
Mike Liebhold
Senior Researcher, Institute for the Future
Patrick Lincoln
Director, Computer Science Laboratory,
SRI International
Raph Koster
MMORPG Designer;
Former CCO, Sony Online Entertainment
Randal Moss
Manager of Futuring and Innovation Based Strategies,
American Cancer Society
Jerry Paffendorf
Research Director, ASF;
Futurist in Residence, Electric Sheep Company
Marty Poulin
Senior Programmer, SCE-RT Sony CEA;
Former Chief of Technology Development, Playnet
Reuben Steiger
CEO, Millions of Us
Sibley Verbeck
Founder and CEO, Electric Sheep Company
Mark Wallace
Journalist; Blogger, 3pointD and Second Life Herald; Co-Author, Only a Game, 2006
Payton White
Manager of Distributed Network Technology, US R&D, Sony Computer Entertainment America R&D
Ian Wilkes
Director of Operations, Linden Lab
Nick Yee
Founder, Daedalus Project; Ph.D. Student, Department of Communication, Stanford University.
Ethan Zuckerman
Fellow, Berkman Center for Internet & Society,
Harvard University
Leading Sponsor
The Electric Sheep Co.
Founding Partners
American Cancer Society
Multiverse Network
Online Game Services
Supporting Partners
The Arden Institute
Sony Computer Entertainment
Millions of Us
Rivers Run Red
Strategic Partners
Themis Group
State of Play Conference
Institute for the Future
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